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Foreign Investments

Since year 2005 FINQUES COMPANY jointly with FINQUES AMAT, founded INVESCAT INTERNATIONAL, a company that facilitates and advises on the possibility of foreign investment in real estate transactions.

In a world increasingly dislocated and global, we are aware from a long time ago, that any business activity should pick the best materials and resources wherever they are. So we created a stable structure that, from a study, experience and knowledge of certain emerging markets, we provide to our customers an easy and safe way to get the kind of profit which is usually no longer in our market area.
We have primarily focused on the property market in Bulgaria. During these past 5 years we have participated and contributed in more than 30 investments, representing an investment volume of over 20 million EUR.
We have a stable office centre in Sofia (Bulgaria), which allows us to keep track of all investments. We have a professional team there, highly qualified and with experienced knowledge of the market area, that can advise you legally, fiscally and economically in a safe and transparent way.
We have also made investments in other countries such as Portugal and Brazil.
Feel free to ask us for more information and we will study and submit the best investment to suit your needs, and we will also provide you any kind of information about the economic and political situation of these countries as well as development investments, market research, risk analysis, and forecasting profitability.