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Homeowners association administration

Usually it is not easy between all the owners of a building or a residential complex to approve the necessary agreements and to carry out repairs and maintenance.

This difficulty can lead to a deterioration and degradation of the building and also of your property, both in its economic value as in its maintenance.
FINQUES COMPANY provides an extensive experience in the management of many homeowner associations, and a team of Property Administrators, properly trained and specialized in everything that affects legislation, technical knowledge and a wide experience in homeowners association administration. We also dispose of a technical team for those jobs requiring specific technical knowledge or supervision.
We understand our role as Secretaries - Administrators of the homeowners association, as an integral management of the entire building, this means that our service is not limited to accounting issues; we have an action plan to improve and maintain the building, making periodic visits to check the proper functioning of all services and facilities. We also realise a study undertaken to save costs and expenses to the association.

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